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Inger and Øystein

My name is Inger Olsen, and I am married to Øystein Hareide. We live in Herøy, a small place outside Aalesund, Norway.
We are members in an local club, which are registered in NRR / FIFE.

Our cattery has been registered since 19th Nov. - 1989 Our cattery name are made out of me and my husbands first names.

My honor goes to the breeder of Natthaga bengals, Olafur Njålsson, Island, for all his help, to start my bengal cattery, in the year 2001. He has been my teacher and helper for many years, and my first male came from his cattery.

Thank you soo much, Oli !

We are a FeLV and FIV - negative cattery, and also free for tri-trich and therefore we have started to test all of our new income breeder cats for FeLV and Tri-Trich. The HCM tests of all our breeder cats has been started.

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