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*** For My Friends ***

This very beautiful blanket, I have got from my friends, that from now is my
new family members!

February 01th, the Native Americans are celebrating their New Year Day.
This day is like I am celebrating January 01th as MY New Year Day.

On February 01th, the Native American are celebrating this day, by also
giving a gift to a person that means much to them.
I have been honored with this beautiful blancet, from my sister Brookbend
and her husband Steven, as a proof that I belong to their family.

This blanket are made by the famous Pendleton Woolen Mills, that in the
early 20th century was among the few American mills making blankets
specifically for the Indian trade.
Pendleton mills has wowen legends and symbols of Native American tribes into
beautiful blankets.
MY special gift has the name “ Shared Spirit”.
This blanket, I with proudness, will put around my shoulders on February
01th, eat Black-eyed peas, and celebrate that day with my new members of my
family !

*** Click on the picture below to see the video of the Choctaw Tribe ***

*** Click on the picture below for the Choctaw Hymn ***

*** Click on the picture below for the Heart Beat of Mother Earth ***
(With A Beautiful Native American Chant)
With Brookbend And Steven
July 07th / Sept. 09th - 2012

Brookbend July 2th, 2012

Brookbend July 2th, 2012

HYTEC - picture taken from the house

HYTEX - picture taken from the road

HYTEC -from de backside of the house - SOO BEAUTIFUL !


Brook on her way to work

August 2th, 2012 at HYTEC

My Birtday cake, August 2th, 2012 at HYTEC

August 2th, 2012 at HYTEC

Brook, John, Tina and Molly

Great Friends !!!

Drinking automat for the hummingbird (kolibri) 

Night at HYTEC  

Peace Quilt
When Brook come to Norway, she came out of the plane with this under her right arm
This she had got, by asking some of her friends around the world to send her small pieces of clothes, for making a quilt.
A quilt, she could take with her to Norway and me, as a sign of Peace On Earth !
Brook’s nabo: Tina Taylor, promised to sew these small pices together, and this is the results !
The results became to a beautiful quilt, with a bacside of lilac silk, where there is written ! Peace On Earth”.
I am soo very humbled to have become the owner of this quilt on my wall, knowing what Brook did, to get this quilt, and soo proud to know that many persons sent these small clothes to Brook, just to let it become a Peace Quilt.