© Ingøys Bengals

From Bengal House Merengue

Her parents are:
PK-Def N / N  
Malik Spirit and Water
Tested negative on April 15th, 2010 on
PK-Def N / N  
This girl is the marble that I have been dreaming about and waiting for.
She have everything:the undercoat that are almost creme-hvite, with pattern that looks like signed in black, and with that golden touch that makes my beautyful Merengue to a perfekt tricolor!
Her head is a dream, she got beautyful big eyes, small and well set ears, beautyful whisker pads, a strong body, strong chin and a short and thick tail,
And she is not 3 months old yet !
Look up for this little beauty, she will matures to a star !

I am honored to become the owner of this girl, and my deepest Thank You goes to the breeders; Cindy and Bart at From Bengal House Cattery, that trusted me to become Merengue's new owner.
She allready have got a place in our hearts.