Jaipur’s Angels High Five of Ingoys

His father is
Jaipur’s Angels Global Force
PK-Def N / N  
QGC ( TICA ) & EGC ( LOOF ) & World Champion ( WcF ) Gogees Major Force of Jaipur’s Angels ( grandfather )
EGC ( LOOF ) & World Champion ( WcF ) Jaipur’s Angels Dewdrop ( grandmother)
His Mother is
Jaipur’s Angels Famous French Glamour
PK-Def N / N  
WorldChampion WcF & Europe Grand Champion Glitterglam Famous of Jaipur’s Angels ( grandmother )
World Champion WcF & European Grand Premior Panthera Armani of Jaipur’s Angels ( grandfather )
I have problems to find the right words, try to tell my dear friend Sandra at Jaipur’s Angels how much this means to me, that she and her husband has given me these two gorgeous kittens.
They have trusted me two of their most beautiful kittens, that also got some of the most amazing pedigrees I have ever heard about / or seen !
I am so deeply honored to become the owner of these kittens, and I know that both Sandra and her husband belives me when I say that I will take good care of them.
I have loved them from the first day I saw them, and both has become more and more beautiful.
In my heart I know that these kittens are one of many proofs that many serious breeders belives in me, to be as serious as them in my breeding !
Thank you, dearest Sandra, your two bebbes will be spoiled, like my home-borned kittens. First I will have the time to spoil them, then it will be some shows for them, before they will start giving
my cattery new exiting lines, that are both Healthy, World knowned and Gorgeous !

HOME ......... in Norway