S* Leopaws Running Wolf of Ingoys

This wonderful boy is some of the BEST that I have imported !
He is amazing in all ways, and I am deeply in love with him! I have problems to decribe his beauty, and therefore I have put in ALL pictures of him, from 2 weeks old and up............

To his breeder; my dearest friend Carina Saber :
Thank You, for giving this "out - of - this - world" boy to me !
I can not thank you enough.

Now I also will get back some of the lines from his father, so this boy means a lot to me,
in many ways !

Thank You, Carina !
His parents are:
Father: (N) Ingøy's Black Thriller
PK-Def N / N   
Mother S* Bonneas Big Beauty
PK-Def N / N   
Two Weeks Old

Three Weeks Old

Four Weeks Old

Five Weeks Old

Six Weeks Old

Seven Weeks Old, changing all the time .....

Ten Weeks Old

Eleven Weeks Old